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1. I accept that any treatments and/or supplements are at my own risk.
2. I certify that I have read and understood the contra-indications of the treatments and/or supplements that I am taking.
3. I understand that failure to disclose the information requested may result in adverse side effects, unknown because of this to which I accept full responsibility.
4. I fully understand the above consent/permit the treatment to be carried out or supplement to be furnished to me.
5. I accept full responsibility for this and/or other complications which may arise or result during or following any procedure that is performed at my request or supplement that is sold to me at my request.
6. I accept that if I am not satisfied with the treatment and/or supplement I will inform the therapist.
7. Being of a sound mind and body, I hereby release any and all persons representing Slim Active from all responsibility in respect of any and all consequences that may occur.
8. I accept any responsibility for myself for any and all consequences that might stem from my decision to have any Slim Active treatment done or supplement taken.
9. I agree not to institute legal action against any person or entity, in connection with any and all damages, claims demand rights, and cause of action of whatever nature, based upon injuries or property damage to, or death by myself, or any other persons arising from decisions made out of my own volition whether or not caused by an act of negligence of the person/entity administering the treatment and/or product.
10. I agree that these waivers also pertain to and are designed to protect any and all establishments where Slim Active conducts business.
11. Slim Active agrees to ensure the highest standard of training, care, knowledge, hygiene, sterilization, and the use of the latest technology when performing the treatment.
12. I further note and acknowledge that Slim Active may from time to time procure “before and after” photographs and I hereby furnish my written consent for the group to use same in marketing, unless otherwise indicated by myself.
13. I further agree that Slim Active may proceed to contact me via electronic transmission unless I opt out of the same.
14. The client hereby acknowledges and understands that unless he/she cancels or reschedule any treatment at least 24 hours in advance, the treatment will not be replaced, refunded, or re-booked.
15. No treatments are refundable or transferable under any circumstances.
16. The contract is binding and irrespective of whether treatments and/or services are rendered full payment is due. All costs to recover such payment will be for the account of the client. Cancellation of this agreement is not permitted.

Terms and Conditions
Online program

1. The online program purchased is valid for a 30-day period.

1. The participant notes and acknowledges the items which are included in their online program package as the following:
- Online / Telephonic Consultation
- Personalised Meal Plan with Recipes
- Weight Loss Supplement (Fat burner)
- Assessment chart
- Coach-on-Call available for support

2. Upon completion of the initial period the participant has the option to renew the package for a further 30 days at a cost of R750.00 (excluding additional supplements). This renewal will include the following:
- Updates to the personalised training plan, if required;
- Updates to the personalised eating plan, if required;
- A telephonic session with your ‘Coach on call’ for 1 hour, which may be divided into two 30-minute sessions or four 15-minute sessions whichever the participant prefers.

3. The participant acknowledges that he/she cannot hold Slim Active liable should the participant not lose the desired weight during this program and further indemnifies Slim Active against any damages/injuries/loss that may occur as a result of the usage of its supplements.
The Slim Active weight loss program is a simple and effective way of getting to your goal weight. 
It is built on core principles that see you enjoying success from the start.
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