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When you embark on any weight loss journey, there are a few questions you should ask.
How good is this for my health?
Does it work?
Is the program affordable?
Can I sustain & maintain this after 6 months?
Can this become my lifestyle?
How about motivation?

Slim active answers
Yes to all the above!

it is not a luxury to maintain your health


Slim Active Health & Wellness Clinic has been trading successfully for the last 17 years with 1000’s of satisfied customers.

Whilst the client slims down to a healthy weight, our unique and customized treatments help shape, contour, and firm the body. The Slim Active weight loss program is a simple and effective way of getting to your goal weight. It is built on core principles and experience, that see you enjoying success from the start and ensure a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Meet Founder and owner

Christa van de Merwe was a keen sportsperson at an early stage of her life. She has represented her school many times by receiving Zululand – colors and Free State colors in athletics. She was always very focused on healthy living and exercising. She comes from a family that is passionate about sports and training. From a young age, Christa has shown interest in fitness and nutrition. 
At the age of 20, she got involved in the slimming industry. 

Turning 21, she bought her first slimming franchise, where she got the experience of selling franchises as well as setting up new franchises and training staff. She is very passionate about helping entrepreneurs get involved in the slimming industry.

With over three decades of unwavering dedication and expertise in the realm of weight loss, Christa stand as a seasoned specialist committed to transforming lives. 

For more than 30 years, Christa has navigated the intricate landscape of health and wellness, guiding countless individuals towards their lifestyle goals with proven methodologies and personalized strategies. 

Through a fusion of science, empathy, and continuous learning, she has cultivated a reputation for fostering sustainable lifestyle changes that transcend mere numbers on a scale. Her journey as a weight loss specialist has been defined by relentless passion, resulting in tangible, long-lasting results and a legacy built upon empowering others to embrace their fullest potential.
The Slim Active weight loss program is a simple and effective way of getting to your goal weight. 
It is built on core principles that see you enjoying success from the start.
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